My Hobby Is Blogging

inexpensive hobbies blogging

I’m a big advocate of hobbies, especially if you can have fun doing it while pursuing your dreams.

There are countless hobbies such as golf, cars, skiing/snowboarding, and collecting things. It’s important to recognize that you don’t have to participate in hobbies you don’t like. Instead you can fill your time with one or more hobbies of which you feel comfortable with.

For me, my hobby is blogging. Blogging takes up most of my free time and costs me nothing.

I’ve been blogging for over two years now and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I used to be a social media blogger before I started my personal gamer blog, so if anything I may expand into a new niche in the future.

Besides the obvious advantage that it’s a hobby that costs me nothing, it also has benefited me in a number of other ways such as:

  • Meeting new people – There are many other personal gamer bloggers out there from all walks of life, each with unique perspectives and opinions. Since starting my blog I’ve met people who have had a big impact on my life and who I can easily call “friends” of mine. I also have had multiple hired writers on my site and it’s been fun getting to know them better.
  • Diversify my income – Blogging has become a hobby that actually makes me money versus one that is simply a “free” or “inexpensive” hobby. I think there are many hobbies that can be turned into profitable hobbies, such as music and crafts. Since blogging is something I do in addition to my full-time job, it’s a secondary income stream that diversifies my income overall.
  • Unplanned” perks – There are a number of perks that I’ve received as a blogger that I would never have imagined having before. I got free access to many event which I enjoyed very much.
  • Gain a deep knowledge of one topic – Whether your blog is about crafting, home projects, sports, politics, or something else, you are almost guaranteed to gain a deep knowledge of the topic. Not only is it fun to be an “expert” on a topic, it could lead to people looking to you for your opinion on a recent event in your niche. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a book deal out of it?

If you like to write and like the idea of managing a small business, starting a blog could be a great way to accomplish both at the same time. At the very least you will have less time for expensive hobbies and perhaps even make a part- or full-time income while you’re at it.

You don’t have to blog for money, and oftentimes when people start a blog with the sole goal of making money they end up burning out well before they make their first dollar. Instead, pick a topic you love and do it for fun.

If blogging isn’t your thing, there are lots of other hobbies that you can do. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Frisbee Golf
  • Reading
  • Running
  • Board Games
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • TV Shows/Movies
  • Hiking
  • Crafts

What’s your hobby? Feel free to share in the comments!